Audit Requirements

International Charter operates a Tier 5 Audit Trail, this requirement tracks all communications between the organization and other businesses.

This allows the International Charter to maintain complete visibility and transparency in its business dealings, and adjust and improve the processes involved. It also meets the necessary legal and regulatory requirements. 
All organizations within the International Charter, including eTrust, The Imperial Mark and ENVA are subject to these audit requirements.

The audit requirement results in the following:

  • The International Charter will only accept post and other mail through the London office, unless arranged prior to delivery.
  • The International Charter does not provide telephone support during the certification process.
  • The International Charter stores all electronic messages, faxes and other communications for 5 years, after which time they are destroyed.
    • The exception to this are records which are subject to litigation hold.
  • The International Charter does not electronically monitor or maintain telephone records.
  • Communication regarding certain certifications is only available via email.