About the International Charter

The International Charter (ICharter) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of business through the establishment of best practice and policy. We provide assistance and governance for businesses across the world, helping to establish trust and raising standards, irrespective of industry or geographic location.

In addition to providing guidance regarding the International Charter set of standards, we also govern a number of other organizations including the Imperial Mark Commission , ISN Registry  , Trustiva and a stake holding in the Lexdon Business Library.

Its our aim to provide assistance to companies to ensure that they produce a high quality of service or product, and meet customer expectations.

The International Charter set of standards are designed for a variety of organizations, and aim to promote ethical conduct, continuous improvement and excellence in customer satisfaction through out an organization. These standards form the core of the IC certification programmes, which include IC9200 for small business, IC9700 Business Excellence for enterprise organizations and IC9900 and Business with Integrity for corporations; Product Green and Committed to the Environment programmes.